After completing a 24 hour Step Challenge and clocking up 120,000 steps, I ask, Are Fitbits worth it?

I’m not looking at buying the cheapest Fitbit there is, or the one that has most features, so I look at them all in detail, review them one by one and choose one that deserves my hard-earned cash.

Fitbits – Are they worth it?

Fitbit is by far one of the most iconic wearable brands around today. Now almost instantly recognisable for their line of tracker wristbands and smartwatches, they were once just a fledgeling company in California during 2007.

120000 steps
120,000 steps

Starting off as a fitness research company, they have since moved towards the making of wearable fitness tracking devices notably in the shape of wristwatches. These devices are remarkable in their ability to track and monitor fitness, activity, steps taken, quality of sleep, heart rate, and a multitude of other metrics concerning fitness.

Available in a range of models with different features and designs, it seems there’s a Fitbit out there for everyone.

We’ll look at a comparison of all the Fitbits below but first here’s the lowdown on the models in review.

Fitbit Ace 2 Kids

Let’s start with one for the kids.

Made to encourage children to get active and join in on healthy family activities, the fun Ace 2 is a great smartwatch.

Stripped down of the tech kids don’t need like social notifications and weather forecasts, this watch is easy to use.

With a 5 day battery life won’t get annoying, kids will be consious of how important it is to get a quality nights sleep and they can even wear it in the shower or the swimming pool.

Fitbit Inspire HR

The Fitbit Inspire is incredibly slight in its design. In fact, it is the smallest Fitbit wristwatch on offer, with many often mistaking it for a wristband. However, it is this sleek and compact constitution that makes it popular among those who don’t want the discomfort of a larger watch as they exercise or sleep.

Despite its small size the Fitbit Inspire is loaded with much the same features and other Fitbits such as heart-rate tracking, Sleep cycle tracking, and guided breathing sessions.

The Inspire HR has a connected GPS but no onboard GPS. Its battery life is an impressively long average of 5 days. If you’re still thinking ‘are Fitbits worth it’ then look at the price of this below.

Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 has many of the same trappings as the Charge 4 except its in-built GPS and Spotify controlling abilities. However, the Charge 3 can connect to the GPS on your phone, resulting in a similar outcome of tracking your runs and whereabouts.

The Charge 3 is also relatively slim, light, and understated, making it perfect for any environment.

Fitbit Charge 4

Just understated enough to wear as you go about your daily business, the Charge 4 is packed full of all the essential features to keep up-to-date on your fitness. The Charge 4 has a 24/7 heart rate tracker that can distinguish between heart rate at rest and heart rate during exercise.

It is the first Fitbit to have an incorporated GPS that can not only track your movements if you wish but also gives you the option to leave your phone at home during exercise. This feature also allows you to control your Spotify music through the Charge 4.

The Charge 4 can track sleeping patterns and act as a silent alarm clock through vibrations.

Fitbit Versa Lite

There isn’t a lot of difference it would seem between the Lite version of the Versa and the Versa 2. There are a couple of features but not something that would be a big decider for me. Even the weight is the same.

The price however is around £50 different. So, what more do you get for your extra fifty quid? With the Versa 2 you get floors climbed, on-screen workouts, built-in Alexa, Spotify control and ‘always on’ display. You decide.

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the most versatile smartwatches on offer today. Not only is the Fitbit Versa 2 compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, but it is also compatible with a multitude of other third-party apps allowing you to interact with them through your wrist!

The Fitbit Versa 2 also has the added bonus of longer battery life than most other smartwatches on the market.

The Versa 2 model has a relatively large screen and is somewhat heavier than most other Fitbits.

Though the Fitbit Versa 2 offers most of the usual features of Fitbits such as heart-rate, sleep, and step tracking, it does not have built-in GPS nor the ability to interact with Spotify.

Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is the all-encompassing smartwatch with every feature of the other Fitbits compiled into its slick and compact body. In addition to its many abilities, the Fitbit Ionic also offers Personal Coaching that can guide you step-by-step through a workout of your choice. The exercise routines adapt to your feedback, making them easier or harder depending on your fitness level. These personalised workouts can be displayed on-screen for watching whether in the gym or on the go.

Despite the impressive number of applications available of the Fitbit ionic, its battery life does not suffer, lasting for up to 4 days.

The Fitbit ionic also has a built-in GPS and therefore immediate access to the Fitbit app. It also has built-in Alexa.

Compare Fitbits – Which one is Worth YOUR money?

It’s not really a question of which Fitbit has the most features or is ‘the best’. ‘Which Fitbit is the best’ just doesn’t work.

One of them is much heavier than the rest, one is sleek, one just lacks features, but if you like things simple that one might be perfect for YOU!

Below is a comprehensive comparison between all of the Fitbits that Fitbit sell.

Fitbit comparison infographic

Which Fitbit Did I choose?

So, what do YOU think? Are Fitbits worth it?

I’m in, and here’s what I went for and why.

Notifications, heart-rate monitoring and being waterproof is a must. Calorie monitoring is definitely a bonus that I haven’t had on a watch before.

I chose the Charge 4 because firstly I can’t be doing without music while I’m out. I like the fact that there’s a 2-year guarantee, whereas the new models only have one year and they’re probably covering their backs.

Fitbit Prices

Here are all the current updated prices of all the main Fitbits on amazon (savings are compared to the Fitbit website). If you choose to buy one, please let us know which one you went for and why below with a comment. Would be nice to get some feedback.

Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids with Fun Incentives, 4+ Day Battery & Swimproof
You Save:£10.00 (14%)
Price Disclaimer
Fitbit Inspire HR Health & Fitness Tracker with Auto-Exercise Recognition, 5 Day Battery, Sleep & Swim Tracking, Black
You Save:£20.99 (23%)
Price Disclaimer
Fitbit Charge 3 Advanced Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate, Swim Tracking & 7 Day Battery - Graphite/Black, One Size
You Save:£42.19 (32%)
Price Disclaimer
Fitbit Charge 4 Advanced Fitness Tracker with GPS, Swim Tracking & Up To 7 Day Battery, Black
You Save:£0.99 (1%)
Price Disclaimer
Fitbit Versa Lite Health & Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, 4+ Day Battery & Water Resistance, Grey (Charcoal/Silver Aluminum)
You Save:£20.99 (14%)
Price Disclaimer
Fitbit Versa 2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch with Alexa built-in, Sleep Score & Music, Black - Carbon
You Save:£40.99 (20%)
Price Disclaimer
Fitbit Ionic Health & Fitness Smartwatch (GPS) with Heart Rate, Swim Tracking & Music - Black (Charcoal)/Smoke Grey
You Save:£71.01 (28%)
Price Disclaimer

When you order yours, why not book on to one of my Step Challenges to give you that commitment and accountability you need?

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