Are YOU a massive biffer? Five ways to find out!!!!!!!!

The Big Question… 

It’s been a funny old year and a bit, so the time is right to take stock, look deep inside your soul and ask yourself one simple question: am I a Biffer?

I first heard the term when I was in the army; I was called a Biffer on a routine inspection due to the state of my locker. 

Now, the term Biffer has a number of different connotations (thank you Urban Dictionary), from someone on the chubby side to a best friend – and plenty of less savoury options besides.

Here, however, we’re using the word in it’s true* military context, as an affectionate way to refer to someone who’s a bit lazy, a bit flaky, always looking for someone else to blame.

So, how do you know if you’re a Biffer – and what can you do about it if you are?

Key Biffer traits

Nobody wants to be a Biffer, and I certainly don’t want to work with them. So, if you lack motivation to improve yourself, are afraid of failure and blame others when things go wrong, chances are you’re a Biffer.

If you never challenge yourself, always need your friends around and never leave your comfort zone? Biffer.

Like eating Cheetos (other cheese-flavoured snacks are available) in your underpants instead of getting out there and trying new things? Definitely a Biffer, and a pretty unhygienic one at that.

Take the Biffer test – answer yes or no

1 Do you blame others or find excuses for feeling unfulfilled? 

2 Are you afraid of failing so don’t bother trying? 

3 Do you leave negative comments on random social media posts? 

4 Do you look at people challenging themselves and say, “no way would I do that” or ask them why they would want to do it? 

5 Do you eat Cheetos in your underpants watching Supermarket Sweep? 

If you answered Yes to 1 to 3 questions – Seek my help asap 

If you answered Yes to 4 to 5 questions – Sorry you are one massive Biffer and I can’t help

How to release yourself from Bifferdom

So, you’ve recognised that you’re a Biffer and you want to change – great.

The first thing you need to do is get off your backside, put some clothes on and get out there – Boots on. Bag on. Crack on.

Find some like-minded people who’ll push you forward and tell you the truth, rather than hold your hand and hold you back.

“What now Beamo?” you ask? Well see my epic list of challenges. Then, pick a challenge (I have plenty) and commit to it. 

Whether it’s walking more, eating better or taking on one of my epic events, the main thing is to make a start.

Because the first step to becoming an ex-Biffer starts with you.

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