Fear Of The Unknown


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Troops do you have a fear of the unknown path, the one that leads to high places? Has it been holding you back for a long time? Then it is time to come with us on that big day that will change your life!

Using the very best of the UK, come and scramble to the tops of iconic mountains and see what you have been missing out on, using my skills to make sure you have an ace day out and learn that it is OK to fear things, but it is better to conquer them.

You will be looked after the whole way through the event so there is no need to worry. At Robustours, we support each other, no matter where we are at in our journey. Whether you are facing your fear of heights or just want to conquer the next big challenge it is our job at Robustours to guide you through it.

Overcoming a fear can seem daunting but it is when we show courage and face our fears that we come out of the other side. You see, it’s not until you repeat the experience that you feel fearful of that you will fully overcome it.

So come with us and attack your fear head on!

These events are open for DAY or Night.

Boots On, Bag On, Crack On,

Getting to the top Jack Rake


Route Stats

  • Fear
  • Iconic Mountains
  • Fear training
  • Lakes
  • Day Or Night
  • Mindset
  • Test of Heights


Event Details

  • Robust Level 8 (Falcon)
  • Route Distance 10 Km 6 Miles
  • Event Time 10 Hours
  • Route Steps 20,000 (approx)
  • Max Numbers 4

Admin Note

Transport + Patch + Relive 3D Social Media Video+ Whats App Support Group Can Move to Suit The Group

Date 10/07/21 09:00 AM 16:00 PM


Meeting Point ROF 59 Climbing Centre Newton Aycliffe DL5 6XN



Fear Of The Unknown