Halloween Horror

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Troops, if you think the beginning of 2020 was a nightmare, just wait until you get onto the North Yorkshire Moors for Halloween Horror this October! It is about to get a whole lot worse. It is Devil’s Night and something is waiting for you, but can you and your team make it out alive? This is not a stroll out, you need to RUN for your life!

Four sections of Halloween Horror await to slash, stab and rip at your SOUL. Have you ever felt like you are being watched? Well you are! This guided Halloween Horror Night Hike is the stuff nightmares are made of and the question is, are you brave enough? Do you know someone who needs to finally face their fears? This is a great event for facing fears head on and on the other side of fear is something amazing…. confidence!

Hiking for your life from the 3000 year old Scarborough Castle which has seen it’s fair share of blood shed in it’s history, we will meet at the front gates and trails of wow and Halloween horror will be with us through out. Though know this, we are not alone on this Halloween journey into the DARKEST because they will FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready for Hallowe'en?
Are you ready for Halloween?


Route Stats

  • Horror Hike
  • Halloween Food
  • Halloween Games
  • Walking Dead
  • Run for your LIFE
  • Smoking Pumpkin


Event Details

Robust Level 5 ( Rooster )
Distance 11 Miles 18 km
Time 5 hours
Steps 25,000 (approx)
To attend this event you must be aged 18 years or over.

Meeting point is at the Castle Front Gates where you will be met and guided around the event. Food, hot and soft drinks are provided. Warm outdoor clothing and footwear is essential due to the outdoor nature of the event and the time of year.

Please use the following long stay car parks at Castle Road YO11 1BH. Transport will be provided back to Scarborough at the end of the event.

Please do not attempt to drive home at the end of the event or sleep in cars etcDue to the late finish we recommend arranging overnight accommodation for this event.


Saturday event – 7.45pm start until 12.30am finish

Oct -31-2021


Scarborough Castle Gate Main YO11 1HY

Additional information

Ticket Type

Jason Mask, Freddy Glove

Chucky Doll

Event+ Transport

Freddy Glove

Event + Transport+B@B

Jason Mask

Event+Transport+Stay Tasty T shirt + Stay Tasty Patch +B@B