The Lyke Wake Walk




Troops are you ready to take on a North Yorkshire Moors classic? 40 miles/64 km of rock and roll! Are you looking for that tough challenge? Then stop looking and start training!

Come with Robustours and complete this epic challenge in style. We have this saying, ‘Boots On, Bag On, Crack On’.

Starting at Osmotherley and finishing in Ravenscar the Lyke Wake Walk is a race across to midnight. Done with rest stops along the way, we offer snacks: Luxury muffins, grenade bars, flapjacks, bananas, Haribo’s, tea, coffee, sports drinks, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and our partnership with Resilience nutrition will offer you all the foods you need to complete this epic challenge. If you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly bear.

On the day of the Lyke Wake walk, you will have a fully qualified Mountain Leader with first aid and the event will be fully insured. We will take on absolutely everything from the planning, the execution and the delivery on the day with a fully licensed taxi company to take you back to your transport at Osmotherley. If it’s not Kellogg’s in the box it’s not Kellogg’s out of the box.

What we need from you is we need you to take Souls. We need you to put in 110% and dig deep. We want you to achieve this challenge and we will help you as much as we can however this is a challenge and you must ask yourself how bad do you want it?

40 Miles In A DAY

The Start Of The Lyke Wake Walk


Route Stats

  • The Lyke Wake Walk
  • Tough Day
  • North Yorkshire Coast Moors
  • Ravenscar
  • Cleveland Way/ Coast To Coast / Esk Valley Way


Event Details

Route Info

  • Level 9 (Eagle)
  • Distance 64 KM 40 Miles
  • Time 14 16 Hours
  • Steps 82 000 Steps
  • Ascent 1600 Meters

Admin Noted

The Group will be added to a WhatsApp group and all updates will go in there. B@B Can be booked and help given.



03/04/2021 – 06:45 Brief 0700 Start Finish 23.45pm


Meeting Point Osmotherley LWW start point Finish Ravenscar



Additional information

Ticket Type

Event, Event + Training Hikes

Lyke Wake Walk
The Lyke Wake Walk